The Weller Group Approach:

Face to Face -- When it Counts

To exceed expectations and deliver outstanding outcomes, we know that proactive, ongoing, andeffective communication with every one of our clients is essential. That’s why we believe that even the most straightforward project benefits from meaningful “face time” and personal, on-site interaction.

Maximum Value, Reduced Cost

But to deliver maximum value, “face time” shouldn’t have to mean “all the time.” In fact, engaging technical expertise that can meet your needs without taking up your space can open the door to significantly enhanced productivity, accelerated development, and measurably reduced project costs. Perfecting this approach, The Weller Group has been delivering superior technical development and support for more than 20 years.

How does it work?

We Get to Know YOU

After our initial top-line analysis of the scope and complexity of the assignment, we begin working with you side-by-side, at your site. Early, late, and throughout each day, we devote our time to learning your business from the inside out: developing relationships with your key people, ensuring that the right tools are in place, establishing milestones and demonstrating our ability to deliver excellent work -- on-time and within budget. This is your opportunity to witness first-hand our thorough analysis, aggressive, actionable work plans, and the informative tracking documents, status reports, emails, and proactive problem resolutions we’re known for.

Swift Productivity Without Lengthy Ramp-up

On-site ramp-up is usually completed within ten working days or less although more might be required. And then, your project becomes the chief priority at our offices in metropolitan Chicago, IL. Early, late, and throughout the day, the same developer you already know now supports you with:

· Ready accessibility via cell phones, VoIP, and even land-lines

· Email through a broad variety of providers

· High-speed Internet from multiple sources

· Web meeting and teleconferencing capabilities

· Scanners and associated office technologies

· The assurance of robust security products

But even with this elevated level of support, we know that “once is never enough.” So we’re ready to make return trips to your location if an on-site presence is needed to add value. We collaborate with you directly and with the appropriate contacts you identify to determine the frequency and duration of any follow-up visits.

Appropriately Proud: Results for You

Whether at your site or ours, the goal is always to get the job done, and to get it done right. Our skill set enables it and our track record proves it. In fact, of late we have completed all of our projects remotely; the first in 1998. And just as importantly, while we’re proud of our marks in client satisfaction, we’re never too proud to ask for help if we need it. And we’ll always let you know without hesitation if something doesn’t fit or we recognize a better way.

Albert Einstein once said, “Genius is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.” At The Weller Group, we believe an inspired combination of first-rate technical expertise and equally sharp communication and interpersonal skills produce the best results. Work with us, and you’ll see how powerfully we bring it all together to deliver results for you.

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